First Class Forex Funds (Scam)

Pay attention to certain PROP FIRM Such as First Class Forex Funds, they allow everyone to do HFT open all the rules to attract customers and finally when they have filled their pockets they change the rules and no longer pay anyone .

It is well known the white label or company in partnership with EIGHTCAP are pure crooks just like a few months ago BLUE FOREX FUNDS, it is exactly the same principle, the problem is that its companies are not regulated like a broker so they can scam people as they wish.

FCFF is based in Arizona if you have any problems you must contact SEC financial market authorities or the trading police.

More info about First Class Trading Solutions, Ltd

Virgin Islands, British

You can contact and complaint too if you are victim scam from this company here
Registrant domain name ! you can understand why all about this company is anonyme ;-) 

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