How much is it ? 

Please choose the robot first, GX12 BOT is a registered trademark there is no robot called GX12 BOT, you have the GX12 CHALLENGE, GX12 SCALP etc.... the price is in our catalogue, choice your robot for real account or challenge and watch video.

How many drawdowns ? 

All our robots are prepared for the drawdown our robots pass the prop firm challenge it is up to you to choose the strategy that suits you.

Can passing challenge ?

Yes of course, we have made several robots specially to pass the challenge without any problem, even a beginner (Newbies) can pass the challenge and continue to win in real life after having succeeded.

How to buy it ?

With USDT you need give number account for activate licence, but, but, but.... 
We are strict, not everyone can buy our robots, it is not enough to have money and to do the boss with us to have our robots, it is precisely in this way that you will get released .

we work with people who respect our work who are accomplices and need our help without being arrogant and being the one who knows everything after 2 months in trading, that's the best way not to be able to work with us. We not host robots on our servers, because we select our customers, a lot of dishonest people that's why the GX12 is not available for everyone, I favor serious customers who really need help.

All robot is delivery by Telegram after payment USDT, you need send number account or name mt4 for activate licence, we can"t add robot online, first for security, second time every robot have personal licence.

After payment please contact @mrdax30 and send your number account

I can get demo for test ?

Yes of course in 2150, No! 100% of people who ask for a demo are people who don't have money and who think that the trading robot is a playstation toy, other people ask for a demo to try to crack our robot but that's fine in the sense of the copyright of authors and creation rights. therefore not possible.

There is a tracker in all our robots and we know who uses the robot and we know our customers, all people who use our robot dishonestly, will receive a little visit in your facebook, instagram, or other personal contact, if you can, we can do too. ! (We're vicious for it)

How much i make per month ?

This question expects an answer like, 2000000% per month with 0.01 Drawdown, no!!! what you will win will depend on the risk (lot size) will depend on your capital and will depend on the market, you have to stop believing that robots are magic, there are good months like bad me and that with all the robots.
It is usually beginners who ask the question, a real trader asks the question but otherwise.

If you know how to respect simple rules of money management and you know how to accept a certain profit per day, you will earn a lot of money.